Sage 300 Online (Formerly Accpac Online)

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 More and more small and midsized businesses opt for on-demand software because of the affordability, security, and convenience. But that doesn’t automatically mean on-demand is right for your business. We can help you assess your needs, understand your options, then make the choice that best suits your budget, internal resources, and business model. We’ll even help you bring your on-demand software on site at a later date—or vice versa.

How to Choose Your Ideal System

The functionality of Sage 300 (Formerly Accpac) Online solutions and their boxed counterparts is virtually identical, so your choice of deployment mode will rely largely on other factors. Some of these factors are covered in the comparison chart below.

Still, there's no magic formula that can apply to every business. It's always a good idea to consult with a specialist. We can help you sort through your options and ultimately choose the solution that can help your business be the most efficient, productive, and profitable. Call us today at 604.544.7587

Comparison Chart: Sage Online vs. Sage On-Site

Sage 300 (Formerly Accpac) Online

is ideal for organizations that...

Sage 300 (Formerly Accpac)  On-site

is ideal for organizations that...

Do not want to invest or support an IT infrastructure Already have Sage 300 or another solution in house and are considering an upgrade.
Prefer to make one convenient monthly payment covering everything from infrastructure and software support to daily back-ups and software updates. Demand a high-degree of customization, have need for custom programming services, or have an investment in hosting 3rd party software from Sage 300 development partners
Are in growth-mode but still want to match internal costs against fluctuating business conditions. Are well-established and can confidently make a five-year commitment to an ERP software investment
Want to be up and running quickly with minimal implementation time. Are prepared to undergo a 10-12 month implementation process with a value-added solution integrator.
Have multiple sites or many geographic locations but do not want to build or support remote access to existing network. Have multiple sites across geographic locations and have a supporting network infrastructure.
Employ telecommuters. Employ an IT staff who maintain ERP software system.


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