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Eliminate Data Re-Entry - Become an Accounting Machine!

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Eliminate Data Re-Entry - Become an Accounting Machine!

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While we serve customers across many different sectors (mining, non-profits, distributors, etc…), each of whom use Accpac ERP for divergent functions, there is one thing that unites them. Almost every customer spends a lot of time manually re-entering data into Accpac from a spreadsheet or another external application. Some of the most common scenarios we encounter are:

Plus Computer SolutionsManually recording journal entries from an external Payroll solution, such as ADP

Plus Computer SolutionsRe-keying data from a customized Access program

Plus Computer SolutionsCreating different budget sets in Excel, and then typing one of more of them back into Accpac

Plus Computer SolutionsA major customer or vendor requires you to submit orders or quotes through a special format, and then re-enter it into Accpac

All of the above processes are labour-intensive, and can easily result in errors in data (re)entry. There is a better way to handle these sorts of requirements. Our team of consultants can help you automate these procedures, using various approaches, ranging from the fairly low-tech, such as creating an import/export template, to the more advanced, such as the development of a custom macro that will run the process on a schedule, and provide you with an error/exception report.

If your organization is struggling with any of the issues described above, contact me at to discuss your specific problems, and we can come up with a solution that suits your requirement and budget.


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