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Complex rules for revenue recognition require the right software

Accounting cloud

Revenue is one of most important measures used by financial statement users to assess an organisation's performance and future prospects. Canadian accounting rules for many companies can require aligning revenue issues for both private and public accountable enterprises to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). 

Why Do Non-Profit Organizations Need Non-Profit Accounting Software?

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A nonprofit organization succeeds or fails based on what their reputation is. There have been increased calls for organizations to be more open and responsible for their finances. Since donors are demanding that their donations and other contributions be used as they are intended to, the CFO, finance manager, and accounting staff, or anyone else who will handle the finances have been reviewing all of the tools and programs they use.

Why everything you think you know about Cloud Security is wrong - Part IIl


Continuing my blog regarding Cloud Security Myths, we now reveal the next 4:

Myth: The cloud is bad for the environment

This myth has been perpetuated by Greenpeace campaigns and stories such as the New York Times’ “cloud factories” series, which stated that the “foundation of the information industry is sharply at odds with its image of sleek efficiency and environmental friendliness.”

The Importance of Project Management

project management

By: Melissa Lun

Payroll: To Outsource or Not - That is the Question for Abra payroll (Sage HRMS). Part 2 - Benefit Analysis

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Choosing whether to outsource payroll or to keep payroll in-house is a major decision for most mid-sized companies.  A well thought out cost/benefit analysis makes the process easier when considering a change to Abra payroll - now Sage HRMS.  Part 1 of this topic covered the quantitative issues of cost analysis.  Part 2 will focus on qualitative topics related to benefits. 

Why everything you think you know about Cloud Security is wrong - Part II


Continuing my previous blog regarding cloud security myths we start with the next myth on the list:


Sage 300 ERP – Great Tip on How to Set up Inventory


Item Units of Measure

If you are setting up a new inventory module, these steps will help you get started on the right foot:

1)      Under IC Setup / Options turn on the function to ‘Use only defined UOM’.

Sage Fas – 5 Key Benefits of Sage Fixed Assets

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Sage Fas is a dynamic accounting and reporting solution with an intuitive interface that enables you to manage the the entire life-cycle of your assets, from acquisition to disposal. Sage Fixed Assets also offers 50+ depreciation methods, straight-forward utilization of reporting tools, and 30 built-in reports. Find out more about the key benefits of Sage Fas below.

You Will Be Well Trained With Accpac Training In Vancouver


Sage 300 ERP is considered to be a standard software for managing the accounts for mid-sized businesses in Canada. The accounts, sales, customer service, support, and other aspects all work together for the good of the business. Education is important for transferring knowledge about how the software and other key processes work within your business.

Understand Your Business's Financial Position With Sage FAS (Fixed Assets)


When it comes to business valuation, knowing what your assets are will enable you to firmly determine what your current financial position is. While most assets you'll be accounting for are liquid assets, in other words, assets you'll be selling to customers or will be involved in your cash flow accounting, other assets are accounted for differently.

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